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YES, our Spinoni Hunt!

James Channon
and Risky Business Kennels
Only Spinoni Breeder to win  2 NAVHDA Breeder's Awards

Oct. 1997
James Channon's
Risky Business Kennels

has qualified for
2 of the coveted
NAVHDA Breeder's Awards
for having 4 pups from each of two litters receiving prizes for Natural Ability.

Those receiving Natural Ability prizes from these two litters were:

John Schafer & Theca
Joe Zawadowski & Orian
Dennis Bennet & Berto
Denise Hanna-Nosko & Maria
Patty Genocco & Nero
Larry Dickey & Nora
Ed Hanna & Nita
June Behrmann & Marea
The following criteria must be met to qualify for the NAVHDA Breeder's Award:
  1. Breeder must be a member of NAVHDA. (If co-owned one of the owners must be a NAVHDA member.)
  2. Producing dam must be NAVHDA registered.
  3. Litters must be NAVHDA registered as a litter. The litter registration requirements means the litter must be registered at the same time under one kennel name. Single registrations will not be eligible for the Award.
  4. The litter registration must have occurred before the dogs were tested.
  5. A Breeder's Award can be awarded for each successful litter. Breeders are not limited to one award per calendar year.
  6. At least four pups from one litter must qualify with a minimum point total of 360 points (90 point average per dog) in NAVHDA Natural Ability tests (not necessarily in the same calendar year).
  7. Pups that are gun-shy, temperament shy or noted as aggressive towards people are not eligible for a Breeder's Award.


Spinone Italiano Breeding
for more than 25 years
Jim Channon- Owner
Warsaw, Va. 22572

You can contact the Channon's
by e-mail at