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Nico Del Benaco (Kemo)
Father/Grandfather of most US Spinoni, OFA #SI-9G47M

Some of Kemo's Progeny

Father of Risky Business Penney, OFA SI-10G24F
Father of Bella Crispina, OFA SI-8G24F
Father of Risky Business Sue, OFA SI-11G24F
Father of Risky Business Gypsy, OFA SI-12G24F
Father of Lo Bussalengo-Romano (Duke), OFA SI-14E32M
Father of Risky Business Amber, OFA I5E27F
Father of La Roma Lagina, OFA SI-18G37F
Father of Risky Business Aspen, OFA SI-20F30F
Grandfather of Risky Business Brutus, OFA SI-21G24M
Grandfather of Risky Business Dell (Jack), OFA SI-27G24M
Grandfather of Risky Business Buffy, OFA SI-30F39F
Grandfather of Risky Business Eva, OFA SI-32E26F
Grandfather of Empire West Tina Lolabrigita, OFA SI-33G24F
Grandfather of Purosangue's Bianco Praetorian Luigi, OFA SI-35F31M
Father of Risky Business Cleo, OFA SI-36G36F
Grandfather of Risky Business Furie, OFA SI-37G30M
Father of Risky Business Charlie, OFA SI-38G36M
Grandfather of La Prudenta Romano, OFA SI-39G34F
Grandfather of La Ciocciolina Romano, OFA SI-43E38F
Grandfather of Dante Romano Prima, OFA SI-44F27M
Father of Risky Business Copper, OFA SI-45E42M
Grandfather of Bello Terra's Camilla, OFA SI-47G28F
Grandfather of Risky Business Bambina, OFA SI-51F57F
Grandfather of Luca, OFA SI-52G24M
Grandfather of Risky Business Gidget, OFA SI-53G25F
Grandfather of Risky Business Gino, OFA SI-56G27M
Great-Grandfather of Ruff Creek Augustino, OFA SI-58E27M
Father of Risky Business Jennifer, OFA SI-98F24F
Father of Risky Business Jill, OFA SI9-6G24F
Father of Risky Business Coco, Canadian registry HD-Free
Great grandfather of Risky Business Tessa, OFA SI-100E24F
Father of Mirkwoods Cassie (Cricket), OFA SI-109G24F-T
Grandfather of Bello Terra's Isabella, OFA SI-116G24F-T
Grandfather of Morghengo Isabelle, OFA SI-119G24F
Grandfather of Morghengo Sambuca, OFA SI-124G25F
Grandfather of Morghengo Brando, OFA SI-125G24M,
Great grandfather of Jefcus Aeroitalia Plumrisky (Toni), OFA SI-128F26F
Grandfather of Morghengo Lamberto Del Monaco, OFA SI-132G24M
Great grandfather of E-Z Marcay's Mondo, OFA SI-139F27M
Grandfather of Sara Di Morghengo, OFA SI-140G24F
Grandfather of Signore Di Campagna, OFA SI-141E26M-T
Grandfather of Toro di Morghengo, OFA SI-142G26M
and many more great great grandchildren not named....



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